Problems of Professionals

  • No Customer Record System.
  • No visibility of professional profile
  • No proper way to get consulting fees.
  • Not able to use full time.
  • Less Money, more involvement.
  • No Communication platform with Clients.
  • Need help to increase Client base in city.

  • Solution- My City App

  • Follow vendor option for followers to maintain the record of the customers.
  • Professional Profile on MCA.
  • Online Consulting fees with Online Payment Gateway.
  • On call consulting facilities (Automated)
  • Can use full time (As long as you want it)
  • More Earning -Less Involvement.
  • Unlimited multimedia messages to followers.
  • Your personalised shop on common platform, helps you to get customer        from other professionals too.

  • Package

    Basic : Call Now!
    Advance :