What is a Mobile App..?

“A mobile app is application software designed to run on Smartphone, tablet pc, I-phone and other mobile devices.” It’s backed with delightful features which can open up the user to a vast and amazing world of information, communication, business, & entertainment.

How much is the cost of downloading & using the My City App?

It’s absolutely free. There is no charge or any hidden cost for downloading and using this app. It’s very user friendly too.

What type of OS and devices are available to run it..?

It is compatible with I-phone to Android mobiles. (At least IOS -5.0 and Android- 2.2)

How I can download it..?

It’s very easy to download with your Android mobile, I-phone or Tablet PC. It’s available on App store and Google play. Just go on Google search…find App store or Google play and download it.

Must I have a Laptop or Desktop that is connected to the internet..?

You don’t have to have it. You can start with one smart phone connected to Wi-Fi or 3G.

How long does it take to be prepared to run..?

Only you need to download the application. In a few minutes it is installed and you can deploy it.

Why I should have My City App on my Mobile screen..?

As we are living in 4G age, the technology has changed a lot. Now, the mobiles are not merely a device to make or receive calls and send messages. With the advent of smart phones, it has changed into a most happening place with the virtue of a number of amazing, useful and delightful features. Most of the urgent and everyday works are done with the smart phones. Now it has become a palmtop which enables people to connect with social media, chat with friends, collect & send information, internet banking, pay bills, recharge devices, shopping, plan journey & holidays and what’s not..?

Using My City App is like Sone pe Suhaga for users as it offers a number of Delightful and amazing features which doesn’t carry a cost and benefits people a lot….Now, keep your city in your pocket and pick happiness.

My City is a loyalty points based business promotional program you use with your smart phone. This B2C program provides a common platform to people and the business backed with a number of delightful features to Explore, Enjoy & Earn in a win-win fashion.

The moment, a user downloads this app, the city and the entire market place is on his/her finger tips and is exposed to a wonderful world of infotainment, city news, service providers, commercials, product & services, online shops, offers, the best deals, rewards, contests, career, education, communication & the lifestyle.

How I can earn loyalty points with My City App?

Earn loyalty points-- through visiting national & local print/video ads, catalogue & commercials from our clients and vendors. Through mobile loyalty offers from My City listed shops & Visiting the professional Ads by the service providers also.

How I can get benefits from local/national shopping?

Earn loyalty points -Through city shopping and visiting My City listed shops, restaurants & places. Get loyalty benefits on online shopping.

How I can redeem my earned loyalty points?

Redeem loyalty points - To mobile/data card/DTH recharge, online & local/national window shopping & with other options provided to the end users.